Today I was just scrolling down my Instagram feed like I usually do just as I wake up and I saw a photo that filled me with excitement! I was actually disappointed in myself that as a The 1975 fan I did not know about this.
So after some digging around on the internet I’ve found out a few things. It’s not 100% sure that this is in fact true that this is the new track to be released. This is a simple cover that could have been put together by anyone really. We’ve had talk from the band that new music will be released this year, but nothing more than that. And I know how Matty loves to tease us on social media, I would have thought I was have seen this album artwork down his feed at some point?
However, it does seem quite a coincidence that the rumored release of this single clashes with the War Child charity show at The Dome in London that The 1975 are playing. SO now I’m thinking maybe this is a charity cover of some sort which is pretty exciting. The band’s manager Jamie Oborne has also been questioned about the song via Twitter, and did neither confirm nor deny.
I guess to really find out we’ll have to wait till 21st February and see if we wake up to a new The 1975 among us. Fingers crossed!

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