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Hello everyone! So yesterday (Monday 15th April) I attended a VIP event at The Body Shop, in Highcross at Leicester. This was basically an event to get a sneak peak to new products they are releasing and I wanted to share these new products with you. I got to try them at the event and I loved them all! There were definitely some stand out products for me and I want to pick them up on my next shopping trip for myself.

The Body Shop are a brand I love and I’ve loved for a long time now. They’re products are amazing and I use quite a few of them in my regular routine. But aside from that I also love their brand as a whole and what they stand for such as their against animal testing campaign. I was so excited when they invited me to come see and try out the products before they launched today.


New Carrot Range!

The Carrot Wash and Carrot Cream were the first products I tried and I loved both of these. I want to pick up the moisturiser for myself in particular because it left my skin looking so glowy, feeling so soft, and it also smelt fab! The Carrot range did actually use to be a range at The Body Shop but they discontinued it. BUT, due to popular demand it is now being brought back and these are the two products, a cleanser and moisturiser. The products are made from wonky carrots that probably would not otherwise be used. Both of these products are vegan!


Vitamin C Face Mist

This face mist is infused with Vitamin C from the Amazonian Rainforest. It’s a great product to re-energise skin, giving you a glow and that more awake look. This would be perfect for mornings that you haven’t got enough beauty sleep, or those especially long days where your skin needs a boost. I’ve tested this product and I loved not only the glowy awake look it gave my skin but it also has an amazing scent which is really important in a product for me. I’ve recently ran out of my Rose Glow Face Mist they do, so I definitely think this will be the next product I try. This product is £12.


New Sheet Masks

Some new products are the sheet masks that The Body Shop have designed which match up to already existing moisturisers. They’re ideal for a quick moisture fix. This one in particular is the Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask. You may have heard me talk about the Vitamin E range before and I love the products in my skincare routine. In particular, I use the Vitamin E Moisture Cream pretty much everyday. Therefore I’m super excited to try this new mask. The masks are £3.50 each.

They also have a Seaweed one for oily skin, and an Aloe mask which has calming properties for sensitive skin. I tried out the Aloe Moisture Cream to get a feel for how the mask would feel and I did really like it. It would be a great product for anyone with sensitive skin or maybe someone who reacts to this easily. It’s got no fragrance and is just a super skin calming and moisturising product that left my skin feeling soft to the gods.


They have also released a mask of the Drops of Youth Concentrate. This is definitely one I want to try for myself as I do currently use the Drops of Youth myself. It’s primarily an anti ageing product but I’ve also found it’s helped reduce my redness and spot scarring. It’s almost like a skin healer for me. And it also leaves my skin looking glowy and youthful. The mask contains 70% of the concentrate in a 30ml bottle so you’re getting a super surge of product in this one mask. It’s vegan and the mask itself is biodegradable! And this mask is £5.


Happy Go Lash Mascara

This is a new mascara they have released. It’s made with 99% ingredients of natural origin, including Community Trade beeswax and Community Trade organic virgin coconut oil. I didn’t get to use the mascara on myself but from the brush I can tell this would be a fab mascara for both length and volume. But that coconut is allowing the product to be super gentle on the lashes. One of the employees were wearing the mascara and her lashes looked beautiful so this is another product I’d like to try properly for myself at some point.


Honey Bronzing Balm

This product was really exciting to try because well, I love being tanned ahaha. I’ve not really seen a product like this. So it’s called the bronzing balm, so it’s got a creamy balm texture which I would advise stippling into the skin. From here you can blend and it starts to turn into more of a powder texture. It’s absolute magic and I love. The bronzer itself is a great shade between warm and cool tone, and also has a lovely glow and shimmer.


Awakening Coffee Mask

I fell in love with this mask completely. Coffee is a fab ingredient in skincare to energise the skin and make you look more youthful and plump. It’s perfect for tired, dull or burnout skincare. It’s got warming properties which activate as you apply the mask. I love face masks as part of my self care routine and this warming element felt extra cosy. The texture of the mask has little particles which allow the mask to double up as an exfoliator which is great for dry and tired skin. I love coffee and I really love the smell of coffee. So this mask was heaven for me. I did a test on the back of my hand as you can see. The results were that it gave my skin a radiance, and also left my skin feeling super soft. Even now a day later, the back of my hand still feels super soft, and still has that radiant glow. This mask is £17. Enriched with coffee and Community Trade sesame seed oil from Nicaragua, Community Trade cocoa butter and shea butter from Ghana and organic Community Trade cane sugar from Paraguay. It’s also great for anti-ageing with coffee allowing the skin to plump. I also learnt that sesame seed oil is great for reducing pigmentation and redness of the skin, which is great for my skin.


A massive thank you to the lovely ladies at The Body Shop store in Leicester for inviting me to the event and being so nice. You can check out their Instagram here. I hope you enjoyed reading about the new products that have just launched! Let me know which products you feel like trying!


    • Oh Elizabeth
      April 16, 2019 / 8:46 pm

      Thank you so much x

  1. April 16, 2019 / 8:33 pm

    The Body Shop so use to be one of my favorite brands. I love their moisturizers so I think I love would love to try the face masks.

    • Oh Elizabeth
      April 16, 2019 / 8:45 pm

      Yes definitely check them out I think you’ll love them!! Thank you for reading x

  2. April 16, 2019 / 9:16 pm

    This all sounds amazing! I have really dry skin and the thought of that glowy carrot cream is really exciting. I’m definitely going to look at a few of these products x


    • Oh Elizabeth
      April 16, 2019 / 10:22 pm

      Thank you so much for reading I appreciate it lots! Definitely let me know what you think if you try any of them. I think you’ll love the carrot cream it was one of my faves x

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