You Need To Binge The Sinner Right Now

Netflix Original. Netflix have really upped their game at the moment, and I find myself binge watching more and more of their new television programmes and films. I finished the season consisting of eight episodes over two nights. It really gets very addictive! I’ll try give you an outline of the plot without actually spoiling it so don’t worry. The plot of the film follows Cora murdering a random man on a beach, and then the plot of the series we slowly uncover what triggered her. It’s very gripping and I think it’s a really different way of approaching a crime drama.

Jessica Biel who plays Cora does an amazing job with her character. She is emotional messed up and unhinged, with I first found myself hating her for in the first episode. She went from being a strange character, to in the final episodes she is someone who you will deeply sympathise with, even after the bloody violent event.

A very interesting angle of the series I feel is the look at the mental health service. As you’ll discover, Cora is very unstable mentally and emotionally. However this is ignored A LOT but major characters in the early parts of the show. I think this is very important issue to bring up especially for an American show.

Most importantly about this show, is that it will definitely keep you on your toes; and that’s why it needs binge watching immediately. A lot of crime and thriller dramas nowadays have too obvious plots and you can clearly guess what’s happening. However, The Sinner is done in such an unusual but captivating way, that personally I could not have guessed the ending and it really struck me as a smart show. Majority of the plot is originally told from Cora’s perspective and using her unstable and unreliable memories. This makes her an untrustworthy storyteller and that means we can’t always trust or understand what is real.

Disturbing but brilliant, I really recommend. Make sure to watch it on Netflix here

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