The Monthly Playlist | March

Whether they are new or old, these are all the tracks I’ve been listening to repeat this month.

In no way am I saying I have a good music taste or anything!! But hopefully if we have similar music tastes you might find some to add to your own playlist…

1. Spice Girl – Aminé

2. Take Me Away – Scotty Sire

3. i’m so tired – Lauv & Troye Sivan

4. Pussy is God – King Princess

5. Paracetamol – Declan McKenna

6. Treat Her Better – Mac DeMarco

7. Get You – Daniel Caesar (ft Kali Uchis)

8. North Face – ODIE

9. Different State of Mind – Kid Bloom

10. bad guy – Billie Eilish

11. just friends – keshi

12. Self Care – Mac Miller

13. Fast – Juice WRLD

14. 10 PM – Emo Fruits

15. Angel Dust – pink cig, Emo Fruits

16. House Key – Lolawolf


Spice Girl – Aminé

This is a feel good bop that can easily lift my mood and has a lit beat. I’ve been listening to Aminé a lot more at the moment, and his fun, playful style makes for great tunes, and also fab music videos which he directs himself.

Take Me Away – Scotty Sire

I discovered Scotty’s music from being absolutely addicted to watching David Dobrik Vlogs last month in an attempt to procrastinate from all my deadlines – they’re very funny I highly recommend. This song’s lyrics can be an absolute mood at some points, but it’s also got a carefree beat which I love.


i’m so tired… – Lauv & Troye Sivan

Again, a very strong beat which I love. But also got that sad vibe lyrics which I’ve been consuming myself with in the stress of 3rd year. I remember watching Troye Sivan’s YouTube videos way back when; anyone else remember them ahah? And I love his voice so this is a fab collaboration on the track.

Pussy is God – King Princess

This song celebrates gay love, and we love a bit of lady lovin. This song has a great vibe and it was love at first listen. It’s a twist on the classic love songs we hear, and I’m here for it.

Paracetamol – Declan McKenna

I fell in love with Declan’s music around last year I’m pretty sure, and even went to see him live which I LOVED. I kinda forgot about his music as I’ve found my music taste drifting from ‘indie’. But I’ve rekindled my love, and this song in particular. I have a full album review here if you haven’t read already and interested. It’s a funky track, but with powerful lyrics and that’s what I love about his music.


Treat Her Better – Mac DeMarco

From the album ‘Salad Days’ which is an absolute chill vibe and I highly recommend. It’s an enchanting romance song packaged with advice from the man himself on treating your significant other right, unless you fancy loosing them. It’s got some great guitar, so yeah.

Get You – Daniel Caesar

I think I discovered this song through my Playlist Radio, so thanks to Spotify for the find. It’s got a stripped down, chilled but funky feel and I’ve been loving this one, especially when I’m studying. I literally find the world slowing down when I listen to this one.


North Face – ODIE

I feel this song is the perfect union of Hip-Hop, RnB and Pop, and wrapped into a slow jam. It’s all about him daydreaming about love whilst at his job. It’s a very dreamy song and it’s great to chill to.

Different State of Mind – Kid Bloom

Call me crazy but this track deffo reminds me of Tame Impala with those psychedelic indie feels.

bad guy – Billie Eilish

I mean it had to be on here really didn’t it? Gonna jump on the hype but this playlist could have been 80% Billie. I’m in love with her and her music and I’m loving the new album. Also check out Watch and Bored because they’re great songs from her previous stuff. She kinda makes me feel bad ass? I dunno but I love it.


just friends – keshi

A short track and a change of mood to quite sad but I’ve still being listening to this a lot so wanted to include it. Chilled beat and vocals, we’re loving this vibe for a last night listen.

Self Care – Mac Miller

I’ve been listening to Miller’s music a lot more and I’ve found playing this song on repeat. I know it’s an obvious one by him but I still love. The song touches on overcoming life’s obstacles. Also check out the music video if you haven’t. Only a few weeks after shooting the video he passed away which still breaks my heart. Rest In Peace ❤️

Fast – Juice WRLD

This album as a whole is amazing and I could have included so many more tracks but I love this one in particular. He really brought it with this album, if you haven’t listened to it yet I’m not sure why. Fast is very much the word I would use to explain life at the moment. I love how he’s really not afraid to show his emotions through his music and I think that’s why I really connect with his stuff. 10 Feet is another fave off the album.

10PM – Emo Fruits

This is very much sad boy vibe but it really be like that sometimes.

AngelDust – pink cig & Emo Fruits

Again, very much a sad boy vibe but I have listened to this track so much this month. Deffo gets me in my feels.

House Key – Lolawolf

And absolute pace changer ahaha, but didn’t wanna leave the playlist on a sad note. This is just a feel good easy listen song, that apparently I love to blare out when I’m drunk. Gotta love it.


Thanks for reading if you got this far! Leave me a comment if you’ve been loving any of these songs too, and let me know your music favourites of March. You can find my last monthly playlist here.

Elizabeth x


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