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If you don’t know who Sophdoesnails is, and you love watching makeup tutorials, then I would definitely go check out her channel, it’s one of my favourites!  As soon as I knew Soph was releasing a palette I was so excited to get my hands on it.  I have absolutely fallen in love with it; it has to be my current favourite eyeshadow palette. I apologise for the state of my palette; when I say I take it travelling I’m not lying, it gets filthy because I’m terrible at looking after things!

There’s so many different looks you can do with this and I’ve already done so many, and I already have so many different ideas that I can do. There are so many different shades. I find nowadays a lot of the palettes that are coming out kind of have all the same colour and you can do one or two looks with them and that’s about it. This one literally has so many different colours. I really like the way that Soph went through the effort of naming all the shades as well. It makes it feel like a lot more of a luxury brand and I’ve not seen that with many lower priced eyeshadow palettes.


Makeup Revolution are definitely a makeup brand to watch out for at the moment. They’re releasing so many amazing products, with good quality and price. The palette retails at £10 and you can get it from Superdrug or Tam Beauty. For 24 shades, £10 is absolutely out of this world for this product. You need to pick up this palette! I wasn’t able to get the palette on Superdrug because it was sold out for a very long time online and in-store. Plus, alongside me actually been able to get hold of the palette and then been quite busy at the moment I haven’t been able to do this post quicker than I would have liked, so you probably already have heard a bit about the palette.

The quality of the eyeshadows is also amazing. They are really pigmented but also really easy to blend and work with. I think that if you were a beginner, this palette would be awesome for you. If you wanted to get into exploring makeup more then this would be great. I felt like I was getting into the routine of doing the same brown smokey eye which I was getting a little bored of. I’ve been trying to get more out of my makeup comfort zone and play around with new colours, bolder and brighter. This palette has helped me do exactly that; staying in a colour scheme I love, but also branching out to new shades. For example, the colour danger, which is kind of a dark red, has been one of my favourite shades in the pallet. I’ve really been loving making a red smokey eye because it kind of sticks to my warm smokiness that I like but also is a bit more vibrant and out there.

Another thing to note that I really like about the pallet is the mirror. I don’t think I have ever used the mirror inside an eyeshadow palette because they annoy me so much, they’re too small to do anything. However, the mirror in the palette is so big, filling the entire palette lid, making it absolutely great for travelling. The mirror in there I can do my make up wherever I need to and I have pretty much every shade for any look that I would want to be able to replicate.


I love this palette and would rate it a top 5/5. For £10 it’s an amazing palette from the drugstore, better than a lot of higher end palettes in my honest opinion. If you’re looking for something new for your makeup collection and haven’t picked it up yet, I definitely recommend.


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