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Hello! I am back, I haven’t posted for a while now but I’ve got lots of things planned out for the blog so hopefully 2018 is my year to get a lot more constant content on here!! I’ve also given the blog a little makeover so let me know what you think!…

I am a super fan of Soap and Glory’s range of products. Not only do they work so well for my skin, but I am a sucker for the vintage style and beautiful packaging. Although these particular gift sets are no longer available, the products inside are. As I’ve been using these products for at least a few weeks now, I have a good opinion on the product range and can give you my opinion on these products.


Sexy Mother Pucker Matte and Glossy Sticks – £3.50 each

These little miniature sticks are amazing! Great for on the go, and something for everyone with a range of shades, and available in Matte and Glossy. Matte packs on a lot more colour and pigment I have found, whereas the Glossy sticks are super hydrating, lip sculpting and with a natural shine. These are little sticks, but they come with a mini price tag which is definitely a bonus.


Thick & Fast HD Mascara – £10.50

I really liked how this product worked. This mascara is very long wearing, I’ve found it lasts all day and does not budge. It’s got a lot of definition and length and is a good mascara. However for this price point, I’ve used better mascaras. For an everyday look it works brilliantly however I prefer something with a little more volume and thickness.


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss – £9.00

I really like this gloss! I can wear it on it’s own or other the top of a lipstick for an extra gloss. Being a plumping lipgloss, it does make your lips tingle, but gives subtle plumping results which I like.


Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen – £6.50

This eyeliner is brilliant. I really struggle with eyeliner and this is the best one I’ve tried so far. I really want to try out their Supercat Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, which has a thinner pen as I think this would work even better for me. Let me know of any good thin eyeliners!


Bright and Beautiful Face Sheet Mask – £3.50

I absolutely fell in love with this mask and will definitely be buying it again. I’d been a little ill over Christmas and was feeling a pampering session so I used this mask and it completely transformed my skin; one of the best face masks I’ve used. It left my skin glowing from within for days after use. I found myself not reaching for makeup because of how good my skin looked. My redness in my skin was significantly reduced and I’ve not noticed this with many other products I’ve tried. And to top it all off, my skin felt super super soft. I usually gravitate to sheet and peel masks anyway as I find them a lot easier than wash off ones. I definitely recommend this mask when you need an extra skin boost for a girly night in or a big night out!


Clean on Me – £6.50 / 500ml

I highly recommend this product! It’s been one of my long time favourites from Soap & Glory. Everyone wants super soft skin, and this does just that. It contains natural mandarin peel extract and a body lotion to get that super soft feeling. It is also scented with their Original Pink fragrance leaving you smelling lush. This is genuinely one of my favourite smelling shampoos ever, with a smell that actually lasts out of the shower. This product is well worth the money, as it’s large bottle and a couple of pumps will do you well. I love the packaging and the pump style of the bottle as well as it’s easy to get the product out when in the shower. Definitely recommend!


Smoothie Star Body Lotion – £10.00 / 500ml

This has become my regular body lotion now after falling in love. It’s so creamy and indulgent but without being oily or sticky which is one thing I hate about a lot of lotions. The smell yet again is absolutely divine; Soap & Glory’s scents are to die for! This one is like a sweet vanilla cookie scent, perfect.


The Righteous Butter – £10.00 / 300ml

This is one of the best things to ever be made. I love love love it! I struggle with dry skin on my legs and arms. This thicker butter consistency is a life saviour and leaves my skin truly moisturised and soft. I prefer this body butter to other ones I have used such as The Body Shop as it’s a lot creamier and moisturising. Some of the fruity fragrances at The Body Shop also irritate my skin. This is a product I have and will carry on repurchasing in the future.


Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash – £8.00 / 350ml

This has become my everyday face wash as I have fallen in love with it so much, highly recommend. I’ve been using this product for about a month now and can definitely say it will be a product I will repurchase. This product is great value for money with a large bottle only costing such a small price. This product leaves my skin feeling soft and super clean. It also leaves my skin looking hydrated but clean of oils, tight, and youthful. My skin looks so radiant and it’s like magic. I get combination skin, so oily in the centre with dry patches, and I get quite sensitive skin too. This product doesn’t dry me out, doesn’t make me oily, and does not irritate me. If you’re looking for a new daily face wash, I’d definitely recommend you checking this one out!


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 3-in-1 Ultra Rich & Creamy Body Wash – £7.00 / 250ml

This product is yet another I’d recommend, especially if you have dry skin. It does everything it says on the bottle, leaving your skin super soft, and with a perfect shave if needed. I absolutely love how this leaves my skin feeling, so continue to use it in the shower.



I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and possibly found some products you’d like to try out. Boots currently has 3 for 2 on all their Soap and Glory products too so now is the perfect time to pick some of them up! Thank you for reading x

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