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I’ve been dying my hair for quite some time now, but I am still no expert and things sometimes go wrong. The last colour before this one was a bold blue and this had now faded out to a blonde/green colour. Because of the blue, it had turned to kinda a nasty colour and I wanted something still close to blonde but with a nice toned colour through it.

It’d been looking around at different pastel hair dyes and I found a range of colours by Schwarzkopf. I was personally interested in the LIVE Lightener & Twist in the colour Cool Rose. My thinking was that this was a really nice pastel pink that would tone out my hair. I missed pink as this was a colour I hadn’t been in a long time. But I wanted a very light pastel shade as I wanted something not as bright block colour, closer to blonde. So basically this hair dye looked exactly like what I wanted so I was happy. It also is a permanent dye. I have always really worked with semi-permanents and direct dyes. This kinda made me scared of the results as I wasn’t use to working with permanent dyes but I thought I’d take the risk.


Chosen hair dyes


(Also when researching this dye I couldn’t find many blog reviews on this colour so I thought this would be helpful)

These are the hair dyes that I purchased from Superdrug. They had a special offer on for 2 for £9, they are only £5 a box anyway. So this dye is really great value which is a pro. I wanted to go rose and I also bought silver to dye my boyfriend’s hair.




Although I personally didn’t use this product on myself, I did use this bleach on my boyfriend’s hair. I felt I should give it a little mention as I was really impressed with it. Superdrug’s own brand and pricing at under £4, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this bleach. However, I was really happy with it and would recommend this bleach on a low budget. It lifted the hair to a really good colour, came with plenty of product (obviously depending on your hair length), and even came with purple toning conditioner, and a little brush and pot. So this low priced box pretty much will set you up with everything you’re going to need. Did it leave hair feeling shit? Yes. But that’s bleach for you.

Anyway back to the box dye. These dyes are pretty easy to use. You just add the colour creme to the developer bottle, give it a really good shake so the dye is a mixed together really well, and squirt onto your hair. On reflection, my hair being pretty thick, I wish I had bought two boxes to be safe. But I managed to scrape up enough out the bottle to cover. I left the product on for 30 minutes as it said on the box and washed it out.

I would say that I think this dye is pretty easy to use. I also tried to avoid using the hair dye on my roots because I didn’t want them to change colour as I like a little dark regrowth. Where it did touch my roots, I think it’s important to note that it did lift that dark colour and it came out a little ginger in some patches put also lifted some completely to pink. So from this, depending on how dark your hair is, I think you could use this product on naturally blonde hair with no previous bleach and it would work – but again, I’m no expert who knows what will happen.


Dye applied

Overall Review…

My overall review is that I think this product is a risky one. I don’t think you can honestly put your finger on what colour it’s going to come out. I’ve seen some people get the colour on the box. I’ve seen some people’s go ginger. I’ve also seen some people’s hair go the same brighter pink like mine. The colour it turned out is really nice and I would have loved the dirty pink kinda shade it’s come out. I know that every person’s hair is going to look different as it’s a different base but it just feels very unpredictable to me.

Box dyes also kill your hair I have discovered. I guess semi-permanents, especially when using pastel shades, are largely made up of conditioner. So applying on bleached hair helps add the needed moisture back to your damaged hair. After using this box dye, my hair is pretty dead. As I was brushing it, my hair was just snapping and pulling like chewing gum. As I am writing this blog post I am sat here with a tonne of conditioner in my hair and condom shaped cling film on my head. It’s not a great look. So that’s something else to note.

I am just very disappointed that on this instance, I wanted the shade on the box. And that’s not what I got. Considering my hair is light anyway from bleaching, and then this supposedly had lightener in it, I’m confused how my hair isn’t a light pink. But it’s all chemicals and I am not use to using this type of hair dye so I really don’t know. All in all, I think I’m going to stick to semi-permanents.


Finished look


On the other side, the metallic silver hair dye from the other range that you can see in the picture was used on my boyfriend’s hair. Luckily for him, his hair turned out really nice and I want to cut his hair off and stick it on mine, wonder if he’ll realise if I did so in his sleep? It turned out pretty much exactly how the woman’s hair looks on the box. So, I will maybe try that colour out in the future.

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