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Hello and welcome back to Oh Elizabeth! Today I wanted to tell you about another Netflix Series that I have absolutely binge watched in about 24 hours… no shame.

I absolutely love Netflix! It means I can slob about and procrastinate as much as I want by feeling rather productive, because I guess it makes for good blog content. Anyway, Netflix have released yet another series and this one is a very high tension kinda crime-mystery based TV series called ‘Safe’. I’m loving Netflix’s crime based stuff after watching The Sinner. Without saying too much, in short the eight part story is about a widower whose teenager disappears after attending a party within their gated community.¬†From here, he is on the search for her, but there are a lot of secrets to be uncovered.

The first thing that dragged me to this series is a familiar face. One of Safe’s main character, the father, is Michael C Hall from Dexter.

I wasn’t expecting much from the trailer I must say, but the show has a lot more depth and tension, and a much more complex storyline so I’m glad I decided to give it a watch. Each episode in itself reveals something new to the story, however brings in another cliffhanger. There are so many twists, turns, secrets and characters along the way. All building up to what is quite the unexpected ending.

It’s a really great watch and I love how it wasn’t as straight forward as many TV series can be nowadays and I totally recommend you checking it out.


You can watch ‘Safe’ on Netflix here. Only a short post as I didn’t want to give too much away and ruin it. SO go watch it now! Thank you for reading as always. It’s greatly appreciated.

Love, Lizzie x

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