I was first introduced to Wolf Alice as I came across them late night music searching. Their mesmerising vocals with spacey psychedelic guitar tones, juicy bass and front-woman Ellie en-captured everything I was enjoying about music at that time of the year. I found I instantly emotionally connecting with tracks on the album and from there I fell in love.

‘My Love Is Cool’ is the debut studio album by Wolf Alice, an alternative rock band from North London. The album was released on 22 June 2015 and since has received many positive reviews and mentions such as coming 4th in NME Album Of The Year 2015, winning iTunes Best New Band 2015, and winning Best Live Band by NME this year. They followed by releasing a Deluxe Edition of the album in 2016.

The structure of the album is very strategically done. The track list starts off soft, innocent and folk-like. But as the album goes on the tempo is raised and we see the true Wolf Alice that fans love. This is one of the many reasons I love this album because it has a balance between calmer chilled tunes and heavy indie freak out songs. Wolf Alice have to be one of my favourite bands. I’ve seen them once live and it was great and since I’ve fallen in love with their music even more and would not turn down a chance to see them again. Their sound is varied! It’s familiar with links to older indie but it’s also new with the twists they bring. Too many bands now a days bring a new sound to the table but never change it up and show off that they have more than one string on that guitar. I can name many bands who, even over time, have lost their edge and played it safe. You can regularly listen to a whole album and you love it, but it’s so hard to differentiate one song from another. But that’s why I love every tack on My Love Is Cool, because each track has it’s own unique sound and story.

Album Track List:

  1. Turn To Dust
  2. Bros
  3. Your Loves Whore
  4. You’re A Germ
  5. Lison
  6. Silk
  7. Freazy
  8. Giant Peach
  9. Swallowtail
  10. Soapy Water
  11. Fluffy
  12. The Wonderwhy (Hidden Track)
  13. Moaning Lisa Smile
  14. Storms
  15. Heavenly Creatures
  16. We’re Not The Same
  17. Blush
  18. She
  19. Nosedive
  20. 90 Mile Beach
  21. Baby Ain’t Made of China
  22. I Saw You (In a Corridor)
  23. Every Cloud
  24. White Leather
  25. Leaving You

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Blush, mostly because its the track that emotionally connected with very strongly on first discovering the band. It begins in such a beautiful manor I quite often stop what I’m doing when it comes on and simply avert all my attention to the music. It continues to impress throughout with pulsing wavy guitars and the genius lyrics. I try to sing along in the shower but I can get no where near.

“Curse the things that made me sad for so long / Yeah, it hurts to think that they can still go on / I’m happy now / Are you happy now?” – Lyrics from Blush

For me, this set of lyrics revolves around someone who went through a stage of depression in their lives. Certain life events came flying at this person which affected them in the worse ways, something I think many of us can relate to. That depression has gone for now, but just the thought of those past struggles isn’t a happy sight; who’s knows if it’ll come back. I believe this song sends out a strong message, aimed at being what you believe you are. The music video of this song shows a band member with makeup and female clothes on; acting out feminine gestures and imitating Ellie Roswell’s voice. This person most likely resembles a transgender female. The song in my opinion not only centres around someone going through a depression but one that centres around truly finding themselves.

Wolf Alice have really kicked off with an amazing debut album under their belt and I’m sure they will push on to go further with their music career. Wolf Alice are the first band to be picked for the Trainspotting 2 album, featuring their song ‘Silk’ on the long awaited T2 trailer. As for a 2017 tour? “I hope so I hope so, definitely. It would be a shame not to be because there’s a few ideas for next year so if everything goes to plan I think we’d love to be back on the road. we’ve had such an amazing time this year the last couple of years, it’s really blown us away as to where it’s got us – so hopefully we can just keep going and the rug won’t be pulled from under our feet just yet.” – Ellie Rowsell

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