London – Photo Diary – 19/06/18

Hello and welcome back to Oh Elizabeth! If you are new here also welcome, it’s fab to have a new reader. So lately I’ve been pretty stressed out. We are moving into a new flat which is super exciting but at the same time epically stressful and it seems like a welcoming for everything to go wrong. Amongst this chaos I’ve put a lot of my personal projects on pause, working on content whenever I can. All this aside I wanted to bring you almost a photo diary from my travels to London last week. I was attending a beauty event which you can check out on my YouTube channel. However, being in London we thought we’d make the most of it and cram some other activities into the day. This is acting as almost a log diary for that day and I wanted to capture it for both myself and my readers. So here you go!

The British Museum

Gus and myself are quite the nerds I guess and we love a bit of history. I’ve always loved history since I was little and the Egyptians are a time period which fascinates me and I love.

Gebelein Man B

Gebelein Man B is a preserved mummy that was found in Gebelein, Egypt. He is a young adult, probably aged 25-30, from the Middle Predynastic Period, about 3500 BC. This mummy was found along with 6 other mummified bodies in burial site about 1890 and brought back to London. This mummy is so extraordinary because it is so intact, both inside and out. He still has tufts of ginger-coloured hair are present on the scalp, and a full set of healthy teeth. Internally, his brain is still inside, intact, surprisingly keeping it’s shape and in a fair condition. He also has his lungs, heart and kidneys preserved. This was a crazy sight.

One of my favourite statues was the Garuda. In Hindu belief, Garuda is the mount of the god Vishnu. Being a creature of the air he was seen to despise creatures of the land and had a natural hatred of snakes and serpents! Garuda is often depicted holding a snake in each of his claws, but sadly the Garuda lost his snakes sometime before coming to the Museum.

House of MinaLima

26 Greek Street, London

This was a fab little pit stop along the way as I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan. It’s an exhibition and shop of the graphic art of the Harry Potter films, and other works, by MinaLima. MinaLima Design is a graphic design company. They designed almost all of the printed media you see in the Harry Potter movies – posters, newspapers, adverts, sweet boxes etc. They have prints of all their work as well as some originals on display as a mini museum. They also sell a few more generic Harry Potter/literary merchandise. So House of MinaLima looks pretty small from the outside but it actually consists of four floors. I’d definitely check it out if you’re in London and LOVE the Harry Potter films.

Sightseeing around London

Of course when in London, you need to check out the classic tourist sightseeing stops. On our wander round we made sure to visit a few of the more important stops such as Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial. And even just little points of interest that we spotted along the way such as a piece by Banksy.

M&M World

And as a last pit stop we took a quick look around M&M world hahaha, because, why not?

I hope this has been a little interesting and you’ve enjoyed reading. Maybe you’ve got some ideas of were you can go when you’re next in London? Or maybe just learnt something new. As always thank you for reading!! Let me know in the comments below your favourite spots in London, maybe I can put some on my list of places to go next time as there’s still so much I need to see.

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