A true mix of David Bowie, Talking Heads, and a groovy beat, ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ automatically reminded me of what The 1975’s new album track ‘Love Me’ brought to the table about the same time a year ago. New band, Artificial Pleasure, have released their debut single and it’s absolutely brilliant. The Bowie influences from ‘Love Me’ are here but in a lot more subtle way, using a monstrous bassline to drown out those little guitar flicks, resulting in large Taking Head vibes here. The track really makes you want to get up and dance, backed up by the lyrics “Let me out! I wanna dance!” It’s full of adrenaline and fun, fusing together funky soul with alternative rock to create an all round care free track that’s nothing too serious.

“It’s about the desire to sometimes lose control, to lose yourself, to escape from whatever is going on. It’s about not caring, at least for a short period of time, and letting go. I get the urge to go wild but I’m often too self-conscious.” – Frontman and guitarist Phil McDonnell.

This new band consist of Phil McDonnell, Dom Brennan and Lee Jordan, formerly of Night Engine. Their first live show was played on 28 November, as a supporting act.

The track has had some criticism though, such as being very similar to the track ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand. “Particularly the former where all you need do is change their “Let me out” for Franz’s line “Take me out” and it is exactly the same.” – Ellie Ward, Little Indie Blogs.

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