I think I’m a bit late on this one… like 2 months late. But I have completely fallen in love with Harry Styles’ new album self named. Finishing University for the year I’ve been travelling by bus and train a lot from place to place visiting family and such. There’s nothing worse than boring journeys, so I’ve been pre-downloading albums on Spotify to check out on the route. Harry Styles album was one of them as I was hearing the track ‘Sign of the Times’ being played a lot on the radio. I wanted to see what the rest of the tracks were like. I’m just shocked that I’ve been late on the hype as I underestimated this album completely.
Personally, I think it’s very clear to see that Harry and his co-writers have been looking through many 70s and 80s classics for inspiration. The fans of Harry Styles have grown up since his days of One Direction, and with this his music style has matured. The album fits perfectly together, with no two tracks the same. You go from slow love ballads, to up beat rock songs. The album as whole to me as proven very successful and a total rebrand of Harry Styles as we know it.
Release Date: May 12, 2017
1. Meet Me in the Hallway
2. Sign of the Times
3. Carolina
4. Two Ghosts
5. Sweet Creature
6. Only Angel
7. Kiwi
8. Ever Since New York
9. Woman
10. From the Dining Table

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