Today I just wanted to do a simpler post, so I have put together for you a list of my favourite stores to shop at, online and in-store. I have also included some of my current favourite items if you wanted to do some cheeky shopping…


It’s a little pricer so I go here for more treat stuff and especially digging around sales. But it’s a really versatile shop with a large range for anyone. Although it’s a little pricer, the quality is totally worth it. You can get some statement pieces that will last you a long time. Here is an outfit I have put together, my favourite probably being the shoes! What a gem at £18…


H&M has to be one of my favourite stores! Can’t go wrong with them. I have never had a bad experience with this store. The staff are always so lovely and helpful with your needs. Bargain price for top quality fashionable products! Brilliant for a student like myself. Some of my key everyday clothing items are from H&M and I love wearing them, without feeling guilty about how much I’ve spent.



Asos is a great online shop for a range of items. Bringing different stores together and then also you have the ASOS Marketplace where you can grab some lovely things. I always find that if you find a favourite item on ASOS and fave it, in no time it will be reduced, on sale, and you can snap it up for an even better price. If there’s a specific item I’m looking for, say a swimsuit, I will usually go to ASOS because it’s so easy to find what you want.




Missguided is where I go for most my like going out clothes. They have the such on trend fashionable items at such a great price. New items are constantly coming in, so you can always get new, on trend items. If you see someone walking down the street, or online, or on telly, wearing a piece you really love, you can most probably find something similar on Missguided. I love Missguided and this has been my go to store at the moment. Missguided also usually have great deals on, whether it’s free next day delivery, or a boost in student discount, etc.



Superdrug is where I buy most of my makeup and body products etc. They usually have great deals and I can also get 10% with my student card and also collect points on my Superdrug card. Being a student who loves makeup but has a budget, I am totally a drugstore girl and really back most drugstore products.


Rummaging for bargains in vintage shops is so satisfying. Some of my favourites include Beasley’s back at home in Hull, and Pink Pigeon in Leicester. You can always find some absolute gems with a little bit of digging about and this style is what I love most. Vintage clothing not only is a lot more unique, fitting to my personal style, but also flatters my body shape a lot more. And for most of the time at a brilliant price, it’s a win win.



Urban Outfitters is a shop I love to treat myself in. It’s more pricey than my usual shops but I love the clothing they sell there and love to treat myself every once in a while.

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