ERYS IS HERE // Jaden’s Second Album

Hello! So I haven’t written on here for a hot minute, and with the drop of this album I thought I’d be nice to go back to what made me start writing on here, music.

During the early hours of this morning (5th July), Jaden blessed us with his new album ERYS. This is the second album, following on from SYRE. The album features additions from Tyler The Creator, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, his sister Willow, and Trinidad James.

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There are 17 tracks on the album, with the deluxe edition also giving us an additional three tracks, including a remix of 2018’s GHOST.

As you’ve probably gathered ERYS is SYRE spelt backwards, as this album is a juxtaposition to the earlier one. “It’s kind of like the angel and devil on my shoulder, and SYRE’s the angel”. Tracks P I N K transition beautifully into one another, creating almost one track, contrasting but yet also linking with B L U E on the first album.

It is a multi-genre record, with a mellow flow carrying through the album but yet every track bringing something a little different. You can really feel Jaden’s experimental style coming through and the risks have definitely paid off on this album for me. There’s a deep theme of lost love for me bringing a darker side than SYRE.

Favourite tracks initially would include P, I, N, K, NOIZE, Summertime in Paris, Blackout, On My Own, Somebody Else, to just pick a few. Least fave would have to be Fire Dept but there weren’t any tracks I hated and the album as a whole was really impressive to me. Jaden brought us an almost cinematic and multi-sensory experience, with the flow of the tracks telling a story which I was immersed in from start to finish. I also like the visuals which go alongside when listening on Spotify.

You can check out the album below. If you give it a listen or already have, be sure to let me know what you think!

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