I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier lately due to feeling generally pretty rubbish and also loosing an interest in food. I find myself quite easily not wanting to eat if I’m regularly eating the same boring foods. Noodles are my heaven, they’re so yummy, make me feel brilliant, and are so easy to make. This recipe for hot and sour noodles kinda ramen style are so easy and also so cheap which is great for the student life.


  • Noodles – (I use rice noodles in this dish because they fit well but you can use any. Even the packet noodles work, just take the flavour packet out.)
  • Hot and sour soup packet – (you can get these online or in most shops. It’s just a little powder which you can add to hot water to make a soup for your noodles. Best of all the packets are so so cheap and depending on the strength you want you can get a few meals out of it)
  • Vegetables – (the packet I use has a few little veggies in but I add more depending on what I have in. My favourites to add are  spring onion and Chinese cabbage as these fit nicely, but add anything you like.)

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