Wtf is going on… that was my first thoughts. The word ‘final’ is being thrown around and that firstly made me want to cry, because to me, that screamed ‘the end’. But the end of an era isn’t necessarily the end of time…

The 1975 have always been a band I’ve held close to my heart for many reasons. Matty has been taking to twitter lately to discuss the new album and start of the “separate entirety” Drive Like I Do.
But there’s no need to be nervous! I’m now just so excited and cannot wait for their new album. From what I can predict and what I’ve read, it’s kinda going to be like the release of the second album. Something new for everyone, and something the fan base can understand. They’ll be a rebrand possibly? And a change in style? But still those little links and references for the fans to understand. If we know anything about The 1975 it’s that they do not have one definitive style, or aesthetic for that matter.
And we all know what a new album means… TOUR!

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