Tomorrow I will be going home for Christmas break and it honestly feels so strange. I feel like I am leaving my family to go visit my parents, when in the first week I was dying to plan to come home.

All being in the same ‘boat’, you make true friends so quick in the space of starting university. Coming from such a small village back at home, moving here has introduced me to a whole different world and perspective, with different, amazing people. It’s always said that university is a fresh start, new place, new you, and people laugh because they say it’s just the same as sixth form/college, if not more stress. I’m not saying that university hasn’t been stressful, I couldn’t count the number of breakdowns I’ve had on one hand, but it really has helped me deal with some of my issues, I’m a lot happier, and have so many new amazing and strong people in my life. Over the last few months of being here I feel I have matured and learnt so much from the obstacles I have come across and the new people around me.

However having a fully stocked fridge and home cooked meals will be so blissful. It’ll be lovely to see both my parents as it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen them and a lot has happened since I’ve been gone; such as my Dad getting engaged. I think with all the different experiences, troubles, and highs that I have had since going to university has helped strengthen my relationship with my Mum again because it reminds you how your parents are always there for you when you need an out-stretched hand, and also helps for us to almost get to know each other again. When being away from home you obviously do change at least a little, all the new things you do, responsibilities, and also freedom; it’s only natural.

Christmas holidays will be a good break for me to catch up on reading and finishing off coursework bits, as well as catching up with friends and family. Going to University doesn’t mean you forget about everyone from home, but it has been a long time since seeing some people so it’s be lovely to catch up. And Christmas is a great time to do it because family and friends come from everywhere. I got hit by a bad flu last few weeks of university so have missed out on some labs and lectures, so this will be a good time to also get my head down… I promise.

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