Firstly, sorry there has been no posts for quite some time. I was on holiday, which I’m about to talk all about in this post, so I didn’t have time to write then. I’ve also recently moved into my new flat which has been super stressful. But enough excuses…

So this summer I went on my first beach holiday and it was incredible. I’ve never been anywhere like Spain before and wasn’t sure what to expect or how to prepare. Also one of the first times I’ve been tanned without using a bottle of product. It was a rollercoaster of adventures and I’m glad I can share it with you…


— Benidorm, Spain —

Our apartment for the week was located only a few minutes away from the beach in Benidorm. We had such an amazing view onlooking the beach and a little bit of the city.  As soon as arriving, my mind was completely changed from the impression I thought Benidorm would be like. The British public of mind has created this stereotype that it’s a place only stags go to get really drunk, and also old people to turn their skin leather. And Benidorm definitely has that energetic nightlife; but its also such a pretty location.

One of my favourite places was the Old Town, the most traditionally authentic Spanish area of Benidorm. It’s like a completely different world considering it’s such a short walk away from where we were staying. The views are just spectacular, with all the narrow and old streets, and the beach near by. There are so many little shops, bars, restaurants and cafes absolutely bursting with personality and authenticity.



— Algar Waterfalls, Spain —

The Algar Waterfalls were a beautiful trip out. The waterfalls are located roughly 15 kilometres outside of Benidorm and the admission fee isa small price to pay for this beautiful feat of nature. The swimming is so refreshing so bring some swimwear, and a sturdy pair of shoes as it can get quite slippery. If you’re not that into swimming, their is a footpath you can take round which is a really pretty walk.



— Guadalest Valley, Spain —

Guadalest Valley was one of my favourite spots of the entire trip. Guadalest is situated just 25km inland from the town of Benidorm. It attracts over 2 million visitors every year and is a truly spectacular sight. The remains of a medieval castle and village precariously perched on top of a mountain overlooking a reservoir. The castle ruins and museum was a really interesting stop. I also enjoyed taking in the scenery around the area. There are many little shops that you can go into with such pretty things! And restaurants if you are fancying something to eat.




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